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We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the massive work of the Cartography Department and Geodesy Service, and to the comprehensive analysis of Navitel Navigator app users’ feedback, NAVITEL® releases a Q3 2023 map update.

All the maps have been supplemented with the residential and industrial infrastructure of all the cities and settlements with the address search feature. Detailed and clear road networks include all streets, lanes, and roads considering traffic direction, road junctions, roundabouts, and other information vital for successful navigation. Also, for all maps of the Q3 2023 release, the data of speed control cameras, road restrictions, changes in the location of road marks, and signs have been updated.

The maps of the Q3 2023 release contain 18 618 234 km of the road graph, 13 330 980 POI objects, 1 822 339 cities and settlements, of which 358 172 with address search and street-road network. 372 634 335 unique addresses are available for search.

You can find the detailed information on every map in the Mapy section of the official website.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the maps of the Q3 2023 release work with Navitel Navigator version 9.13 onwards.