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Several clients have reported that their 2023 NAVITEL R300 GPS dashcams had been working incorrectly after the last update. So we have released a fix that can be downloaded directly from our website.

Installing new firmware is fairly easy. But first you need to make sure that the DVR you are using was manufactured in 2023. To do so, check the serial number on your dashcam. R300G at the beginning must be followed by "2023". Dashcams released in 2023 must be updated in accordance with the following manual. Software for devices produced in 2022 and earlier is installed in the usual way.

  1. Follow the link;
  2. Select R300 GPS from the drop-down menu, enter serial number of your device and hit "show updates";
  3. Download the suggested zip archive (NAVITEL R300 GPS Firmware version 1.7.596 of 10/27/23);
  4. Format the microSD card right from your DVR;
  5. Copy files from downloaded zip archive to the root of your microSD (SD_CarDV.bin & SD_CarDV_2.bin) and insert the card back into the dashcam;
  6. Turn on the device and wait for it to update;
  7. Switch it off and on again to perform another firmware update.

Done. Your NAVITEL R300 GPS is fixed and ready for operation.