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NAVITEL® announces the start of sales of the NAVITEL R450 NV dashcam in Russia.

Compact and easy to use, the NAVITEL R450 NV will be your main witness on the road and parking. Video recording is in Full-HD quality at 30 frames per second. Stylish car dashcam will automatically turn on when the engine is started (if the device is permanently connected to power), and records video in a loop mode.

The NAVITEL R450 NV is equipped with high-quality glass optics with a viewing angle of 130°. The GC2053 (Night Vision) sensor guarantees the reproduction of the most saturated contrasting colors and accurate detail, regardless of lighting conditions.

The G-sensor records sharp acceleration and deceleration, vehicle rotation and other abnormal situations. Thanks to the built-in shock sensor and parking mode, the device will record an emergency that can happen to a parked car when the dashcam is turned off, even if the driver is not there. Movies taken during these emergencies are automatically saved in an overwrite-protected folder on a micro-SD card up to 128 GB.

The DVR is equipped not with an ordinary lithium battery, but with a supercapacitor, which allows you to use it without any problems in any weather at any temperature extremes. Now you do not have to worry about the correct safety of the video recorded, for example, in the event of a sudden power outage from the on-board power supply (for example, in the event of an accident) - all captured files will be correctly saved regardless of the conditions of external power supply.

Package contents:

  • NAVITEL R450 NV dashcam
  • Mount on the windshield
  • Car charger 12/24 V
  • Card reader
  • Microfiber cloth
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Gift voucher*

To view and edit recorded video files, we recommend using Navitel DVR Player for PC** which provides users with advanced options for working with video files from a video recorder on your PC, exporting and viewing travel tracks, the ability to save fragments of recordings and much more.

* Gift voucher for an annual license of Navitel Navigator for smartphones and tablets on Android OS with maps of 43 European countries, as well as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

** Navitel DVR Player is compatible with Windows PC only.