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NAVITEL® has released a global update for all maps - release Q2 2020.

The summer's almost over but this is no reason to be sad because the "velvet" season is coming - the blissful time for the rest! Countries are removing restrictions for tourists, and it is time to choose where to relax this autumn.


As a result of the large-scale work of the NAVITEL® Cartography Department and Geodesy Service, as well as based on messages and wishes of users of the Navitel Navigator program, as part of updating the maps of the Q2 2020 release, we carried out a large-scale work to update popular resort areas: Greece, Cyprus, Crimea, Montenegro, as well as the Black Sea and Azov coasts of Russia.

Updated detailed maps of host countries and territories include an impressive database of POI: hotels and hotels, restaurants, cafes and pubs, cinemas, cultural sites and attractions, sports and social facilities, shops, hospitals and pharmacies, gas stations and service points as well as many others.

All the maps have been supplemented with the residential and industrial infrastructure of all the cities and settlements with the address search feature. Detailed road networks include all streets, lanes, and roads considering traffic direction, road junctions, roundabouts, and other information vital for successful navigation. Also, for all maps of the Q2 2020 release, the data of speed control cameras, road restrictions, road marks, and signs have been updated.

The maps of the new release contain 22 729 165 km of the road graph, 14 616 557 POI objects, 2 018 330 cities and settlements, of which 405 856 with address search and street-road network. 379 650 181 unique addresses are available for search.

Detailed information of the Q2 2020 release maps' updates is available at the following links:

You can find the detailed information on every map in the Maps section of the official website.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the maps of the Q2 2020 release work with Navitel Navigator version 9.13 onwards.