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The NAVITEL® company has released a program of Navitel Navigator Update Center for the users of macOS. The free program allows users to update software and maps on Windows CE/Linux-based car navigators quickly.

Using the program Navitel Navigator Update Center you can install the last version of Navitel Navigator, update and buy maps and also, download an actual Speedcam database.

The Navitel Navigator Update Center is:

  • A free program from the NAVITEL®;
  • A simple interface of the program;
  • A fast and easy updating of the maps to the last option and buying their via the menu of the program;
  • Possibility of updating the software Navitel Navigator to the last option;
  • Download an actual SpeedCam database.

To start using the Navitel Navigator Update Center you should to download the program from the official NAVITEL® website, install it on your computer, connect the car navigator and follow simple and clear instructions. Discover the world with NAVITEL®!