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NAVITEL® releases a major software update for GPS navigators running on Windows CE.

In Navitel Navigator 9.10.903 release:

New algorithm of notifications when approaching SpeedCams, high-risk road sections and service points

Users can discover a new intelligent notification system, which signals when the car is approaching speed cameras, high-risk road sections and service points in the updated version of Navitel Navigator. It contains an extensive list of traffic enforcement cameras (14 types), potentially risky zones (9 types) and service stations (7 types). The program indicates the distance left to the closest driving regulations in the right side of the display. When the vehicle is approaching them the program starts the countdown to the closest camera, hazardous area or service point.

The large-scale revision of the interface helps to warn the driver not only about the type of traffic enforcement cameras on the way but also draw attention to its positioning (same direction traffic lane or opposing one), current and recommended speed and provides other useful information. Well-marked notifications of Navitel Navigator will assist the driver to perform a safe and timely deceleration, lane change or get ready for service points and high-risk road sections (such as zebra crosswalks, dangerous speed limit change, risky road bend etc.).

Full list of notifications

Speed limits indication update

Speed limit is displayed next to the current car speed, right in the centre of navigation menu. The program will notify the driver in case of any traffic violations – orange colour block for up to 10 km/h overspeeding, the red one for over 10 km/h overspeeding*.

*Default settings are fixed at 10 km/h overspeeding. In order to change the value go to Menu > Settings > Alerts > Speed penalty.

New progress bar design

When driving NAVITEL® GPS navigators display the route covered and left to the destination point. The green cursor is sliding along the progress bar in order to indicate the distance left to the final point. Not only can the user check the time left, but also the distance to it.

What is more, Navitel Navigator update includes: indication of navigation in tunnels and an extensive list of new branded POIs (petrol stations, ATMs, shops, cafes, etc.).

Navitel Navigator 9.10.903 is available for the following devices:

  • NAVITEL C200;
  • NAVITEL E100;
  • NAVITEL E200;
  • NAVITEL E500;
  • NAVITEL E700;
  • NAVITEL F150;
  • NAVITEL F300;
  • NAVITEL MS400;
  • NAVITEL MS600;
  • NAVITEL MS700.

To download the update please use our free utility Navitel Navigator Update Center for Windows. With this tool you are just a few clicks away from installing the new software version, maps, and the SpeedCam database. Please read the full instruction on our website.