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Q3 2013 update of the map of Mexico is now available to Navitel Navigator users.

Q3 2013 map of Mexico:

1 964 highly detailed plans of cities, towns and other settlements.
8 324 979 addresses in the database.
257 137 settlements, shown in the map.
683 274 km of road graph.
36 106 POIs.

The new version of the map increases the accuracy of the address search and specifies administrative division of Mexico City. Address database for the city of Guadalajara has been greatly increased too. Occasional bugs of route planning, occurring at road interchanges and roundabouts have been removed.

The map of Mexico includes residential and industrial objects and sites of cities, towns and other settlements, shows highly detailed road network, including streets and roads and taking into account traffic directions, interchanges and other important information.

You can update the map of Mexico from the programme through “My Navitel” submenu or using you personal account at web site. You can purchase the lisense at How to buy section of the web site.

IMPORTANT! Please note, that Q3 2013 map of Mexico is compatible only with 8.0 and later versions of Navitel Navigator.