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The new version of Navitel Navigator is now available for Android device users.

Updates in Navitel Navigator

"My Navitel" submenu has been modified and updated. Modifications concern the following items:

    Purchase maps — you can choose and purchase navigations maps;
    Download maps — you can view the lists of purchased products, download them to your device and delete map files.

Additional modification:
— Regrouping of maps in “My Navitel”.
— Optimization of use of device memory.
— Indication of current speed of “Navitel.Friends” service users.
— Error, resulting in programme failure upon rejection of friend request in “Navitel.Friends” service, remedied.
— Other minor changes, increasing programme reliability.

To download Navitel Navigator for Android proceed to the Downloads section of the official NAVITEL® website and at Google Play.

For new users 30-day trial mode is available.