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For Android users new version of the popular navigation system Navitel Navigator 7.0 is available with new interactive services and improved design.

What’s new in Navitel 7.0 for Android:

New interactive service “Navitel.Friends”!

— Register at or fast register right out from the program and find your friend’s location at the map in real time, exchange messages or make a route to meet them!

Absolutely new design of POI icons!

— Interface of navigation program now is even more easy and enjoyable to use.

Downloading of voice packages from program menu

— Download and install voice packages right from the program menu. Choose any of the 30 free voice packages at your convenience!

Automatic notification of available updates

— Now there is no need to visit Google Play every time you want to check updates. Get automatic notification of available program and map updates directly from Navitel!

Besides that:

— Progress bar was added at lane assistance sensor.

— Gesture slide was implemented to dialogue “Properties” in the search results

— Button “Exit” was added to the program activation page.

— At menu “Dashboard” new average 5 minutes speed dashboard was added.

— Bug that caused program hang, when receiving about traffic jams information, was fixed.

— Faster rendering and smooth map shift on route were added.

— Routing bugs that led to the program hang were corrected.

— Sorting order of settlements in the address search was fixed.

— Power consumption during program operation was reduced.

— Android 4.2 support was added.

— Also other numerous minor fixes, enhancing the stability and reliability of the program, were made.

Users of Android devices can download Navitel 7.0 update from Downloads section at the official web-site and at Google Play.

30-day free trial mode is available for new users without any restrictions in functionality, map sizes and without demo-writings at the screen.