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At the official Navitel Navigator web-site free online service NAVITEL.TRAFFIC 2.0 was updated.

List of changes in web service NAVITEL.TRAFFIC 2.0 ONLINE:

  • New maps of European and Asian countries

The latest Navitel Navigator maps release Q3-2011 were added to web-site. Detailed maps of the following countries are available: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia. All maps support Navitel. Traffic service and route planning option.

  • Routes, taking into account traffic (beta)

Online map user can make a route with any amount of intermediate points, taking into account traffic jams on all territory of Russia and other countries. Choose start and finish points on the map with right button of the mouse, if necessary — set intermediate points of the route.

  • Points of Interest were added

All existing Points of Interest, available on maps in navigation program, were added to NAVITEL.TRAFFIC 2.0 ONLINE.

  • New search
In updated search of web service any address on the map and various Points of Interest can be easily found (POI).
Everyone can use service NAVITEL.TRAFFIC 2.0 ONLINE at .
Web-sites owners can place Navitel interactive map for free and without any additional terms at their web-pages!