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For Android and Windows Mobile devices’ users another free Navitel Navigator update is available. Many changes are featured, taking into account suggestions of our users.

What’s new in Navitel for Android and Windows Mobile:

  • Button “Jam 1km”.

While driving on the route, to choose other path or circuit (for example, in case of closed road), user can make forced route replacement, clicking button “Jam 1km” in pop-up menu, which appears after click on next maneuver icon. There is no need for “Navitel.Traffic” service activation and Internet connection.

  • POI search by route.

In “Nearest places” search additional settings were added. Now it is possible to search the closest objects not only around you, but also along the route.

  • Settings profiles.

There is no need to worry about safety of various settings of Navitel Navigator on your device and to make those setting all over again.

  • Navitel.Weather — on your device display.

To know weather forecast at the closest municipalities or at the point of route destination, there is no need any more to go to menu Pages-Weather in Navitel Navigator! Now weather at any city of the world can be displayed directly at Navitel map. You just need to activate this option in Menu-Settings-Online services — Weather.

  • Map rotation.

Sometimes there is a need to view route from different angles. Navigation map Navitel now can be rotated also in horizontal plane! Just move your finger at the lower part of display between buttons “Find” and “Menu”, at the scale and map will be rotated!

  • Navitel Navigator design is updated!

Navitel navigation map display mode was majorly changed. Fonts were corrected at different scales of map display. Roads drawing and some Navitel Navigator interface elements were improved.

Android and Windows Mobile devices users can download Navitel update from DOWNLOADS section at the official Navitel web-site, Android users also can make update through Android Market.

For new users 30-day free trial period without any restrictions and demo-writings at the screen is available .