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For Symbian smartphones users new Navitel Navigator version is released, with new interactive services support and new functions, added by many requests of our users!

What’s new in Navitel for Symbian:

  • Full trial period for 30 days!

Before Navitel license purchase, check working quality of navigation program on your smartphone! Now every new user has opportunity to use Navitel Navigator on their smartphone without any restrictions for 30 days in trial mode. Please note, that during trial period,when starting Navitel, every time program will need Internet access for actualization on activation server (1-2kb traffic). After license purchase Internet access will no longer be necessary, when starting program.

Service allows users to mark and see on the map of navigation device marks of other users about the following types of road events: road accidents (with lanes segmentation), car crashes, road works (with lanes segmentation), detected speed cameras and other warnings.

All published marks can be commented. Events, published earlier on the map, can be declined or confirmed by other users.
Navitel.Events service information is updated along with Navitel.Traffic service data. Information about events on the road automatically disappears 3 hours after the last confirmation. You can learn more at our web-site section “Online services”.

  • Crossings search

New function, available in address search, was added to Navitel Navigator by many requests of our users. Now you can easily find point of two different streets crossing, make a route to that place or see it on your navigation device display.

  • Night skin is updated

Now at night time information from navigator display can be read easier.

  • City districts display in address search

During street search under street name now you can also see district, where it is located.

  • More information in Navitel Dynamic POI

For example, while downloading additional information about gas prices at the gas stations, you can see the date of last prices update.

  • Downloading of new maps to smartphone

To download new maps directly to your smartphone through WiFi, in program go to: Menu — Settings — Map — Map — Options (middle button at the lowest row) — Download new maps.

  • Pedestrian crossings in SPEEDCAM
Now pedestrian crossings are also included in dangerous road sections package. Driver needs to lower the speed and increase attention. At the moment new SPEEDCAM information with pedestrian crossings is available only for Kazakhstan citizens. Soon SPEEDCAM with pedestrian crossings will be also available for other countries citizens. As previously Navitel users can create their own SPEEDCAM storage, now also with pedestrian crossings.
  • Total stability and navigation program working speed are increased

Please note, that for correct work of Navitel Navigator program update you need to update maps package on the last release Q3-2011. Map updates are available to Navitel users for free in their profile at
To download Navitel Navigator updates from DOWNLOADS section, go to official Navitel web-site: