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Another free program update Navitel Navigator 5.0.3 and Navitel maps release Q3-2011 are available for car navigators Altina, Explay, Intego, Lexand, Mystery, Pocket Nature, Shturmann, Starway, Treelogic, Varta, Velas, MyDean, Navitel, Nexx, Prology, Stopol Phantom, Texet, xDevice.

What’s new in Navitel 5.0.3:

This service allows users to mark and see on the map other users’ marks of the following types of road events: road accidents (with lanes segmentation), car crashes, road works (with lanes segmentation), other warnings, and also to mark at the map detected speed cameras.

Navitel.Events information is updated along with traffic jams data.
Marks will automatically disappear three hours later after last event confirmation.
You can learn more about Navitel.Events service at web-site section “Online Services”.

  • Intersections search. New function, available at address search, was added upon requests of Navitel Navigator users. With intersections search you can easily find on the map point of two different streets or roads crossing and make a route to it or see it at the navigation device display.
  • Night skin is updated. Now at night time information from navigator display can be read easier.
  • City districts display in address search. During street search under street name now you can also see district, where it is located.
  • Pedestrian crossings in SPEEDCAM. Now pedestrian crossings are also included in dangerous road sections package. Driver needs to lower the speed and increase attention. At the moment new SPEEDCAM information with pedestrian crossings is available only for Kazakhstan citizens. Soon SPEEDCAM with pedestrian crossings will be also available for other countries citizens. As previously Navitel users can create their own SPEEDCAM storage, now also with pedestrian crossings.
  • Total work stability and navigation program speed are also increased.

*For PNDs, supporting “Navitel. Traffic” service

Please note that new maps release Q3-2011 will operate correctly only with Navitel 5.0.3 version or later.

You can download Navitel Navigator update 5.0.3 and updated maps for PNDs from your profile at Login and password for profile access match login and password for Navitel forum access.

List of PNDs’ models, available for Navitel 5.0.3 update:

  • Altina 1050HD, A1050, A5001, A5003, A6001, A7003 , A8050, A5013B
  • Pocket Nature NP 015, NP 025, GS-500
  • LEXAND 580, 590 , SM-527, SM-537 HD, ST-5300, ST-5350 HD, ST-5350, ST-5750
  • Mystery MDD 7900S+MGB 79, MDD-7565, MDD-7770NV, MMD-4003NV, MNS-350, MNS-360, MNS-380, MNS-450MP, MNS-455MP, MNS-470MP (INTERNAL), MNS-480MP, MNS-560MP, MNS-570MP (INTERNAL, CE5), MNS-570MP (INTERNAL, CE6), ZHN-506 , XY-7553, XY-8450, XY-8550, XY-8553
  • Explay PN-955, PN-960, PN-965, Onda VP81
  • Treelogic TL-432A, TL-502A
  • Intego GP-436, 440, GP-540, GP430, GP530, GP-537, GP435 SD, GP535 SD
  • NAVITEL NX4020 Plus, NX4210, NX-5012 Standart, NX5020 HD Plus, NX-5022 HD Plus, NX5200, NX5210, NX5220, NX5300, NX6020 HD Plus
  • NEXX NNDV-700, NNS- 3501, NNS-3510, NNS-4301-0807, NNS-4301-0809, NNS-4310-0809, NSDH-10
  • Prology iMap-408ab, iMap-508ab, iMap-526ag,
  • Shturmann PLAY 500 INTERNAL , SVG-50 , LINK300 CE5, A200 , PLAY 200 BT INTERNAL
  • Velas VMP-352NV, VDM-NMD657TV
  • STARWAY 44, 47A, 5x, DIAMOND, TOUCH, Touch Mini, Touch Mini BT, TOUCH HD, 4x
  • TEXET TN-711 HD BT
  • Varta V-GPS51B, V-GPS52G , V-GPS54
  • xDevice Imola, microMAP-4330B, microMAP-4350, microMAP-6027, microMAP-6027B, microMAP-6032